FUTPRINT50 Aircraft Design Challenge 2022 takes off!

FUTPRINT50 Aircraft Design Challenge 2022 takes off!

February 11th, 2022

Young? Talented? Interested in aircraft electrification and hybrid-electric propulsion technologies? If so, then look no further the FUTPRINT50 Academy Aircraft Design Challenge 2022 is for you!

The FUTPRINT50 project is excited to invite you to join the FUTPRINT50 Academy Aircraft Design Challenge 2022! In the FUTPRINT50 Design Challenge, students are asked to design a hybrid-electric aircraft according to CS-25 regulations where possible. This extensive task is designed for a group effort of up to five students at maximum. Main task of the design effort is to minimize aircraft emissions to mitigate the environmental impact of flying while aiming at an entry into service in the year 2040 (EIS 2040). Participation is open to the entire MSc. student community free of charge.

More detailed information about the challenge is available here and here.


FUTPRINT50 is an H2020 research project (LC-MG-1-7-2019) aiming at developing technologies and configurations for a hybrid-electric 50-seat regional airliner that could enter service in 2035-40. Led by University of Stuttgart in Germany, FUTPRINT50 is an international cooperation project, running from January 2020 to December 2022.

Here is why you can't miss it

  • Exciting winning teams awards
  • Networking with renowned experts in academia & industry
  • Entry-level opportunities for your future career
  • Feedback on your work by key-researchers & decision-makers
  • Short Course Series by leading researchers
Register now!

All participants must be full-time MSc. students at a university, college or university of applied sciences. A group can be up to 5 people and group registrations are highly encouraged. However, an individual person with his/her supervisor could be registered too, and FUTPRINT50 will assist them to extend their team with other persons who have been registered.

Prior knowledge in aircraft design is strongly recommended as the FUTPRINT50 team is not capable of providing substantial support while performing the challenge. As a result, a local supervisor from your institution is mandatory. Registration is only possible by the supervisor supporting the student(s) at the local university.

The registration through your supervisor is a formless email at info@futprint50.eu including the names, email addresses and affiliations of the participating students. The registration deadline is midnight CET on 04 March 2022.

For any further questions, please contact the FUTPRINT50 Project via info@futprint50.eu .