EASN considers the Advisory Council for Aviation Research and Innovation in Europe (ACARE) as an indispensable instrument for aviation research and innovation in Europe. Therefore, EASN is supporting and actively participating to all ACARE activities, aiming at contributing to the achievement of common European views on aviation research and innovation related matters. In this context, EASN representatives participate actively in ACARE plenary and all Working Groups (WGs). The representatives of EASN are the following:

ACARE General Assembly: Prof. Andreas Strohmayer
WG1 “Meeting Societal and Market needs”: Prof. Michael Weigand
WG2 “Maintaining and extending Industrial leadership”: Dr. Paulo José da Silva Tavares
WG3 “Protecting the Environment and the energy supply”: Prof. Kostas Kontis
WG4 “Ensuring safety and security”: Prof. Vincenzo Tucci
WG5 “Prioritizing research, testing capabilities and education”: Dr. Apostolos Chamos
ACARE International Cooperation (INCO): Prof. Konstantinos Tserpes & Dr. Apostolos Chamos
Implementation Review Group (IRG): Dr. Helge Pfeiffer
Strategy and Integration Board (SIB): Dr. Helge Pfeiffer