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The EASN Association

The long-term goal of establishing EASN was to built up an open, unique European platform in order to structure, support and upgrade the research activities of the European Aeronautics Universities, as well as to facilitate them to respond to their key role within the European Aeronautical research Community in incubating new knowledge and breakthrough technologies. The European Aeronautics Science Network principles have obtained the support of the commission thanks to two funded Specific Support Actions. On 06.05.2008, the EASN Association was officially established which is:
- An International association based in Brussels
- Self funded and self sustainable
- Coordinated and run by a board of directors which is elected by the General Assembly for a 3 year term

The primary aim of the EASN Association is the advancement of the aeronautics sciences and technologies. Further aims of the EASN Association can be found here. Any individual with interest in Aeronautics and Aeronautics related research may become a member of EASN. The services provided by EASN to its members can be found here. In addition, entities such as Research Establishments, SMEs, Industries and Universities are welcome to join the EASN. More details about the membership types of EASN can be found here .

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