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Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems & Automation (LMS) / Dept of Mechanical Engineering &
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Prof. George
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Prof. George
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University Campus, Rio, 26110 Patras, Greece+30-2610-997262
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University Campus, Rio, 26110 Patras, Greece+30-2610-997744
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Technical capabilities, test facilities, numerical codes and tools
  • Virtual Reality.? Cutting edge technologies for virtual prototyping and immersive process simulation are available.? High end workstations including an SGI Onyx2 Infinite Reality2 RK Workstation and two (2) SGI Octane / SSE Workstations.? Virtual Reality peripheral devices including an FS5 Head Mounted Display (Virtual Research), a Cyberglove / Cybertouch / Gesture Plus data glove system for right and left hands (Virtual Technologies), two (2) Long Ranger Fastrak position / orientation trackers (Polhemus), a pair of CrystalEyes stereoscopic glasses (StereoGraphics) and a 3D mouse input device (Division).? 3D modeling and simulation software including Mechanical Desktop & AutoCad V.2002 (Autodesk), Cyberspace Developer Kit (Autodesk), Pro/Engineer 2001 (PTC), CosmoPlayer (Cosmo Software), dVMockup 2000i2 (PTC), dVSafework (PTC), RAMSIS (Human Solutions).?
  • Software Development.? LMS currently uses various tools for software development in Windows and Unix platforms, including: MS Visual C++ and Java, MS Visual Basic, Symantec Visual Cafe for Java, Rational Rose, Rational Purify, MS SQL Server and ORACLE, Sybase Anywhere Client/Server, OpenIngres Client/Server, OpenRoad/4GL, Division Mockup 2000 i2 and Division Safework for development of virtual reality applications.?
  • Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Tooling.? LMS owns multiple state-of-the-art technologies for rapid building of product prototypes.? 3DSystems, StereoLithography Apparatus (SLA) 250/30 with a 30 mW HeCd (Helium Cadmium Laser) (max modeling space: 250x250x250 mm, accuracy: 0,15 mm).? Helisys Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM) 1015, using a CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Laser (max modeling space: 381x254x356 mm, accuracy: 0,254).? Stratasys, Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM 1650) (max modeling space: 254x254x254 mm, accuracy: 0,127 mm).? 3D modeling software, such as Pro/Engineer 2001 (PTC), and machines custom CAM software, including Maestro Workstation & Buildstation V 1.8, LOM Slice and QuickSlice V 4.2 .? SGI INDY workstation.? Vacuum casting equipment.?
  • Material Processing.? An advanced TRUMPF system for laser machining applications is available including a TRUMPF Laser machine TCL 2530, with CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) pulsed Laser TLF turbo (maximum nominal power: 1800W, metal sheet thickness: up to 12 mm, max metal sheet size: 2500x1250 mm, accuracy: 0.01 mm).? TOPS CAD/CAM software for G code generation.? EDM (Electro Discharge Machine) Charmilles ROBOFORM 22 CNC EDM for manufacturing of moulds and dies ( 4 DOF, measurement resolution: 1 micron).? Numerical control equipment, including three (3) long bed CNC lathes and four (4) 3 DOFs vertical CNC mills from Sherline for manufacturing of small tools and dies (accuracy: 10 microns).? Conventional machine tools, including a wide range of lathes, planes, milling, grinding and drilling machines.? Vacuum casting equipment.?

Research Projects (up to the last five years)
  • TATEM IP: Technologies and Techniques for New Maintenance Concepts ??? Integrated Project
  • REALMAN: Integrated Technology for Dynamic Simulation & Advanced Visualisation of Human Motion in Virtual Environments (??ST-2000-29357)
  • VIRTUE: Virtual reality environment for the simulation of critical industrial processes involving human intervention (BE97-4648)
  • PROFOCE: Product focused concurrent engineering (BRRT-CT97-5009)
  • DMU-PS: Digital Mock-Up Process Simulation for Product Conception and Downstream Processes (BE95-1537)
    MeDIaTe: Measurement and Data Interpretation Technology for Quality in Manufacturing (BE95-1339)
  • QUETA: Quality Engineering Tools for Assembly and Small Batches Manufacturing (EP-22367)
  • ENGY:? Development of Low Energy and Eco-Efficient Grinding Technologies (GRD1-2001-40535)
  • REMOWELD: Highly Efficient and Flexible Remote Welding Systems for Advanced Welded Structures (GRD1-2000-25457)
  • INTEGRITY: Integration of heat treatment into machine tools by using advanced grinding technology (CT 96-0283)
  • VRSHIPS-ROPAX 2000: Life-Cycle Virtual Reality Ship System(s) (GRD1-2000-25709)
  • INTERMAR: Intelligent Supply Chain Management for the Extended Maritime Enterprise (GRD1-CT-2002-00674)
  • MARVIN: Maritime virtual enterprise network (EP29049)
  • RIDER: Real Time Decision-Making in Manufacturing (EP-20903)

Education - Main Lectures and Courses related to aeronautics
Publications (of last 5 years)
  • Chryssolouris G., Karabatsou V., Alexopoulos K., Pappas M., and Gogos P., 2003, ???An approach to human motion modelling ??? Part I: Analysis of motion differences & Part II: Motion prediction??, 2003, Submitted for publication to the International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics.
  • Chryssolouris G., Mavrikios D., Fragos D., Karabatsou V., and Alexopoulos K., 2003, ???A hybrid approach to the verification and analysis of assembly and maintenance processes using Virtual Reality and Digital Mannequin technologies??, to appear in Virtual and Augmented Reality Applications in Manufacturing (book), edited by A.Y.C. Nee and S.K. Ong and published by Springer.
  • Chryssolouris G., Mavrikios D., Fragos D., and Karabatsou V., 2003, ???Verification of human factors in manufacturing process design. A virtual experimentation approach??, to appear in Methods and Tools for Co-operative and Integrated Design (book), edited by S. Tichkiewitch and D. Brissaud and published by Kluwer Academic Publishers.
  • Chryssolouris G., Mavrikios D., Fragos D., Karabatsou V., and Pistiolis K., 2002, ???A novel virtual experimentation approach to planning and training for manufacturing processes??, International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Vol. 15, No 3, pp. 214-221.
  • Chryssolouris G., Mavrikios D., Fragos D., and Karabatsou V., 2000, ???A Virtual Reality based experimentation environment for the verification of human related factors in assembly processes??, Robotics & Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Vol. 16, No 4, pp. 267-276.
  • Mavrikios D., and Chryssolouris G., 1998, ???Digital Mock-up Process Simulation??, Proceedings of the 3rd Aero days Post-Conference, Nouvelle Revue d' Aeronautique et d' Astronautique, No 2, pp.29-33.
  • * indicative publications (aerospace related RTD) of the Research Group Advanced Human-Centered Design Techniques including Virtual Reality
Description of the Institute / Laboratory
The Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems & Automation (LMS) belongs to the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics of the University of Patras.? Under the direction of Professor George M. Chryssolouris, LMS is involved in a number of research projects funded by the CEU and European industrial partners.? LMS employs approximately 70 researchers organized in three research groups: Innovative Manufacturing Processes, Advanced Human-Centered Design Techniques including Virtual Reality, and Production Systems Planning, Control and Networking.? ? ?
With reference to Information Technology, R&D themes of interest for these groups include systems modelling and simulation, Virtual / Augmented Reality, computer aided ergonomics, human factors analysis and simulation, systems control, sensors integration / fusion / synthesis, systems reliability, Decision Theory, Game Theory, Information Theory, Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence methods, intelligent internet-based applications and enterprise wide business modelling.?
Particular emphasis is given to the co-operation with the European manufacturing industry, especially with sectors such as the aerospace, automotive and ship building / maintenance as well as with a number of "hi-tech" firms.
More than two hundred publications on scientific journals and conferences as well as numerous technical reports have been produced based on these research activities and are available upon request.

Last update: August 29, 2007
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